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Walking the Dog
Dog Walker at the Park

Designed to cater to dog owners with busy lifestyles and for dogs that may require extra stimulation or attention throughout the day. Our staff will come to you and provide your dog with a 45 minute - 1 hour walk at a pace set by your dogs individual requirements.


Also known as 'Fluffy Funday'; a very popular service for dogs who may require an adventure and social interaction throughout the week.


 This 3 hour service will have our staff provide a pick up and drop off service for your dog from your door, and will include weather permitting adventures such as creek swims, hikes, bush walks and park runs with other dogs. With adventures often being paired with the opportunity to get dirty for our four legged friends, we are happy for owners to elect for a bath service for an extra fee before dropping your fulfilled dog back to your door.

We also understand that social interactions with other dogs are not every dogs preference, and are happy to offer individual adventures on request.

Whether you are a beginner, or need a little tweaking to your dogs current routine and behaviour or you simply would like to learn how to effectively communicate with your dog -  we can help.  We offer positive reinforcement based training in the comfort of your own home. Please see our 'dog training' section for more information including new flexible payment options.

Puppy Training

Based off lived experience of effective training methods with longevity of results, we offer one-on-one individualised puppy training shaped around your unique family model and schedule. We know that raising a puppy can provide challenges at many hours of the day, which is why our puppy training packages come with full access to our dog behaviour trainer to ask questions as they arise between sessions.


Adult Dog Training

Learning is life-long for both animals and their owners and training is an expected requirement throughout a dogs life span. We have a background and an interest in working with reactive dogs, rescue dogs and trust building. We tailor our adult dog training packages to your dogs individual requirements and base our training on positive reinforcement methods which are proven to foster trust and relationship building long term between a dog and their owner. 

In Home Pet Sitting

We offer in-home pet sitting to provide your animal with the opportunity to stay in their comfortable and familiar environment whilst you are away. We also provide bonus services such as mail collection, taking your bins to the curb and back, and provide peace of mind your home is being looked after. Contact us to find out more about this service.


Daily Visits

This service is tailored to pet owners who do not require a stay-in pet sitter. Daily visits can occur once or twice a day based on your request. Your pets will be provided with fresh food and water, a general tidy up of their living space, and plenty of pats and cuddles. We provide clear and consistent communication alongside all our pet sitting services, and will communicate any relevant information from the check ins to ensure you are comfortable with the well being of your pets whilst you are away.

Not quite sure what you need?

Please scroll down and fill in the 'contact us' form, and send an enquiry with all your questions and needs.

Sleeping Cat


"At Sit Stay Play (QLD), our mission is to create a happier and healthier world for dogs and their owners. We are committed to providing force-free and fear-free dog training, walking, and sitting services that prioritise the well-being, safety, and happiness of every furry friend. Our approach is rooted in positive reinforcement, and we aim to strengthen the bond between dogs and their human companions. We believe in helping dogs thrive, one paw at a time, while offering peace of mind to their owners."


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