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Your Questions, Our Answers


If you have not used an in-home pet sitter before then let us tell you how it all works.

Our purpose
To eliminate the stress, both yours and your pets, of going away. We found that a lot of humans would become anxious and worried when it came to leaving their pet either by themselves at home, in a boarding facility, or with friends/family.  This anxiety and worry would project onto the pet and soon everyone is out of sorts when all you want to do is go away and have a good time.
Well let us take the stress away by providing a professional, trustworthy service which gives everyone piece of mind. 

What you have to do
​Submit and enquiry on the 'Home' page and provide as much detail as possible about the service/help you will need.

What we will do
Respond to your enquiry as soon as possible
Confirm your dates needed for the pet sitting/service
Send you the necessary paperwork 
Organise a free Meet and Greet session with the sitter. Our meet and greets are organised 1 week before you are to depart. If you would like a meet and greet sooner than we can organise it at a cost to you. 

At the time of the Meet and Greet
The sitter and your self will get a chance to meet, chat and discuss all that there is to know about the beloved pets and the house that they will live in. We have been in this industry for a while so please do not hesitate to ask any questions/requests you may have. 

After the Meet and Greet
Sit back and watch the time go by as it nears to your departure time. We have got the pets and house duties covered for you.
We will keep you updated on the progress. However we do believe that if you are going away to kick back and relax!

When you arrive home
The sitter would have departed by then (unless arranged otherwise) and you will be greeted by the pets. Now don't get too offended if they do not greet you with too much excitement because maybe, just maybe the sitter has tiered them out! Enjoy the cuddles instead. 

Any questions? Then please do not hesitate to shoot them through to us on the 'Contact Us' page.


We aim to make a fun, functional and safe (fear and force free) training space for all! Yes, for all, because we know how much human connection and emotion comes with pet training. 


Never, if anything, older dogs are a great challenge and seeing them succeed to their abilities is so rewarding. *Note that some older pets will come with their limits when it comes to training due to their health state - mental and physical.

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